"Very nice job! Congratulations! The arrangements are imaginative and interesting. I really like your choice of chords/chord voicings."
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Paul H. Umfleet
My 2nd Dulcimer CD

At last, my long awaited “2nd Dulcimer CD”. This was done for my benefit to keep track of my progress and who knows, maybe my grandkids might appreciate it (some day). If anyone else out there wants to hear it all the better.

These were recorded live (in my library) in spring 2012 on my new Custom Folkcraft Dulcimer played through a Fishman Loudbox. I must admit that this recording probably makes me sound better than I really am. Most tracks took several takes and my main criteria wound up being only a couple of minor flubs per song.

These are my own arrangements except for #s 6 and 7 where I borrow heavily from Tull Glazener. Plus #26 is my take on his arrangement. Some things can’t be improved! I have even thrown in some originals with a few of my “Bagatelles”. Someday I would like to publish a book “129 Bagatelles for Dulcimer”. Of course I only have nine done at present.

If for some reason you want an actual CD let me know. Click on the song titles to get the sound files.

Thanks for listening. Paul

1. St. James Infirmary
2. Westphalia Waltz .... I first heard this tune at a jam session one night in the Appalachian Mountains. I couldn’t find any arrangements so I had to write my own.
3. All I Have To Do Is Dream .... Made popular by the Everly Brothers this is probably the first arrangement I wrote that I was really proud of.
4. Bagatelle #2
5. I'm In The Mood For Love
6. Jamaica Farewell
7. Where Will I Shelter My Sheep Tonight
8. This Old House.... Some times I like to slow songs down and experiment with the chords.
9. Amazing Grace
10. Bagatelle #4
11. House of the Rising Sun
12. Kelvingrove
13. Surely the Presence of the Lord is in This Place
14. John Stenson #2
15. Boulavogue
16. Charade
17. One Hand-One Heart
18. Streets of Laredo - I Ride An Old paint
19. Over The Rainbow....In my opinion one of the most beatiful songs ever written.
20. How Great Thou Art
21. Bagatelle #6
22. When Sally Ann Met Old Joe Clark
23. Heart of the Heartland
24. Sound of Silence
25. Don't Cry For Me Argentina
26. Merry Widow Waltz
27. Spancil Hill
28. Wabash Moon.... I grew up on the Wabash and only just discovered this song. Beautiful melody but find the lyrics and you will see why it was never a hit.
29. Give Me The Roses - Father Along
30. Earth Angel ....Another trip back to when I wore a younger man's clothes.
31. Going Home
32. Shall We Gather At The River
33. Bagatelle #8
34. Jesu
35. I Can't Help Falling In Love With You
36. Old Grey Cat On A Tennessee Farm ....This is a short tune so I mixed in a couple of other farm tunes to stretch it out.
37. He Touched Me
38. Goodnight Sweetheart....I played in a jazz band while I was in college. We always ended the dance with this tune so I will use it to end this project.

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