Paul H. Umfleet
Celtic Sounds for Whistle 2

It wasn’t long after I finished my first “Celtic Sounds for Whistle” that I realized I had more than enough tunes in mind to write the arrangements for a second CD. I decided, however, to put this second collection aside while I worked on my huge 95 tune project, “Turlough O’Carolan for Whistle”. These are tunes that were written in the 17th or 18th century by the famed Irish harpist Turlough O'Carolan. That project is now done and I have included a sneak peek of it on this CD with 6 of his tunes.

I did not include any original compositions in this collection but the arrangements of “Scarborough Fair” and “Teddy O'Neill” include fantasies that I wrote since the tunes are not really that long.

I wrote and recorded the accompaniments myself on the computer. I then played these arrangements through my Loudbox and recorded the whistle parts along with them. They are played on three different whistles. I play a Burke “Viper” aluminum low D whistle, a Burke brass high D narrow bore and a wooden “Sweetheart” made by Ralph Sweet.

Just like my first collection, the sheet music and an accompaniment CD are available for these tunes.

Paul H. Umfleet May 9, 2014

List of Tunes

1. Apples in Winter - Monaghan Jig ----mp3 file
2. The Boys of Ballycastle----mp3 file
3. Foggy Dew----mp3 file----sample pdf
4. Morgan Magan----mp3 file
5. After The Battle of Aughrim----mp3 file
6. Hector the Hero----mp3 file
7. Humors of Bantry / Humors of Glendart----mp3 file
8. The Butterfly----mp3 file----sample pdf
9. Fair and Charming Eileen O'Carroll----mp3 file
10. Bonny Kate / The Banshee----mp3 file
11. Spancil Hill / Aran Boat----mp3 file----sample pdf
12. Counsellor Dillon / John MacDermott----mp3 file
13. Scarborough Fair----mp3 file
14. Mary Young and Fair----mp3 file
15. Teddy O'Neill Fantasy----mp3 file
16. Captain Sudley (or Carolan's Dowry)----mp3 file
17. Trip to Skye----mp3 file
18. Campbell's Farewell to Redgap / The Red Haired Boy----mp3 file
19. Caitlin Triall----mp3 file
20. My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose----mp3 file
21. Fasten the Leg In Her / Gates of Derry----mp3 file
22. Castles In The Air----mp3 file
23. Sweeney's Polka----mp3 file
24. Carolan's Untitled tunes 174 and 177----mp3 file
25. Star of County Down----mp3 file
26. MacPherson's Lament ----mp3 file
27. Off To California----mp3 file
28. Irish Galloway Tom----mp3 file
29. Londonderry Air----mp3 file
30. John O'Reilly (1st Air)----mp3 file
31. Merrily Kiss The Quaker's Wife----mp3 file

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