Paul H. Umfleet
Celtic Sounds for Whistle 3
Slow Airs

“Oxford Dictionary of Music: Air (1) Melody (2) Composition of melodious character.” - So, “Air” does not always mean slow but with Celtic music it tends that direction. To avoid confusion and to let everyone know what they are getting here I added “Slow Airs” to the title of this collection.

I have been studying Irish Music for several years now and have discovered that you can not really predict how a certain named song is going to sound. Some may play it as a fast jig others as a slow waltz. In fact some melodies will even go by several different names. I felt like that gave me the liberty to interpret these tunes to my liking. There are couple here that I am sure you are used to hearing played faster. Some of the songs in this collection are fairly common and I was able to listen to several recordings before coming up with my own arrangement. For others I had to base my interpretation on only one or two samples.

After deciding what tunes I wanted to use I wrote and recorded the accompaniments on my computer. I then played and recorded the whistle parts on top of those. Most often I just write and accompaniment to play along with but at time like with “Carrickfergus” I write more of a duet.

You might be surprised to hear “Simple Gifts” on an album of Celtic tunes. I Really wanted to do an arrangement of this so I searched and searched to find a Celtic Connection. I finally found that the tune was used in a later “River Dance” performance so there you go!

“Carolan’s Cup” was done as a fast song in My “Toulough O’Carolan for Whistle” collection. Here I give it a different twist, almost as a lament. “Do You Love and Apple” was a last minute addition. I have loved this tune for years and just discovered it is Irish! Guess it pays to listen to the words some times. The tune is a little on the short side so I added a “fantasy” that I wrote.

I could spend lots of space talking about the other tunes. Instead just let me say that I had loads of fun with these arrangements and thanks for listening.

Paul H. Umfleet January 16, 2015

List of Tunes

1. Carrickfergus----mp3 file
2. MacCrimmon's Lament----mp3 file----sample pdf
3. Arthur McBride----mp3 file
4. Song of the Books (Amhran na Leabhar)----mp3 file
5. Jimmy Mo Mhile Stor ----mp3 file
6. Castle Of Dromore----mp3 file
7. Wild Rose of the Mountain----mp3 file
8. Dark Island (Eilean Dorcha) ----mp3 file----sample pdf
9. Come by the Hills (Buachaill on Eirne)----mp3 file
10. Farewell for Evermore (Slan Leat go Brath)----mp3 file
11. Carolan's Cup----mp3 file
12. Do You Love an Apple----mp3 file
13. Ned of the Hill (Eamonn A' Chnoic) ----mp3 file
14. Last Rose of Summer----mp3 file
15. Farewell To Glasgow (Fŕgail Ghlaschu)----mp3 file
16. Moran's Return----mp3 file
17. Ye Banks and Ye Braes----mp3 file
18. My Bright, Shining Hero (Mo Ghile Mear)----mp3 file
19. Banks of the Suir----mp3 file
20. My True Love Has Gone From Me----mp3 file
21. Dawning Of The Day----mp3 file
22. Music Of The Fairies (Port Na Bpucai)----mp3 file
23. Amazing Grace----mp3 file
24. Bantry Girl´s Lament----mp3 file
25. Simple Gifts----mp3 file
26. Kelvingrove----mp3 file
27. Summer River (Afon Yr Haf)----mp3 file
28. Yellow Road (An Boithrin Bui)----mp3 file
29. Boulavogue----mp3 file
30. Loch Lomond----mp3 file
31. Mist-Covered Mountains of Home----mp3 file
32. Skye Boat Song----mp3 file

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