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I am not taking orders at this time. After almost 30 years and nearly 10,000 creations I have decided to take time to enjoy my many other hobbies. Thanks for the long run.

Carved Wooden Shore Bird Decoys

My Bird woodcarvings are done in either basswood with distressed paint or yellow pine that has been "weathered". Many of them are based on antique hunting decoys. Some of the shore birds have square "cut" nails for the bill, just like many of those early decoys.
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Peep Shore Bird Decoy
Paul's Peep
7h x 6w
Peep Shore Bird Decoy
Annie's Peep
7h x 6w
Peep Shore Bird Decoy

6h x 7w
Peep Shore Bird Decoy
Fannie's Peep
7h x 5w
Peep Shore Bird Decoy


3h x 7w

Above is my family of Peeps. Peep was a generic name the old time decoy makers used for all the little sandpiper type birds. So, these birds are my creations and named after members of my family and myself. If you click on the above pictures you will see more details about size and style. Each Peep is $27.

Primitive Yellowlegs Shore Bird Decoy
*Primitive Yellowlegs.
Alert app. 14 h x 11. Feeder app. 81/2 h x 12. $34 each
Oystercatcher Shore Bird Decoy
App 11 in tall. $70
Skimmer Shore Bird Decoy
8 in X 14 in $68
Wader Shore Bird Decoy
Feeder app 14 in tall, alert app 17 in tall. $42 each
Mud peep Shore Bird Decoy
*Mud Peeps.
App 6 in tall. Also avaiable in blue.
$39 for pair
Lesser Yellowlegs Shore Bird Decoy
*Lesser Yellowlegs.
10 in tall. $39
Dowitcher Shore Bird Decoy
*Primitive Dowitcher.
11 in tall. $35
Preener Shore Bird Decoy
*Blue Preener.
11 in tall. Also available in brown (r) $46 each
Black-necked Stilt Shore Bird Decoy
The feeder is 13 in tall and the alert is 17 in tall. $50 each.
Shore Bird Decoy
Based on an antique decoy from Nantucket. 12 in tall X 12 wide $36 or 7in tall X 7 wide $29
Egret Shore Bird Decoy
Primitive Egrets.
Alert is 19 in tall, feeder is 15 in tall. $45 each.
Folk Art Shore Bird Decoy
11 in tall. $44
Killdeer Shore Bird Decoy
8 in tall X 10 ½ wide $66
Sea Gull Shore Bird Decoy
Herring Gull
9 1/2 in tall 11 1/2 in wide. $89
Shore Bird Decoy
9 in X 9 in $50
Dowitcher Shore Bird Decoy
9in X 9in $54
Sandpiper Shore Bird Decoy
Solitary Sandpiper.
8 X 8 $39
Kingfisher Shore Bird Decoy
A big, fat 15 in tall. $97
Yellowlegs Shore Bird Decoy
13 in tall x 17 wide. $46
Sanderling Shore Bird Decoy
each app. 6 ½ x 6 ½. Pair $52
Curlew Shore Bird Decoy

14 in. tall x 16 wide. $62
Great Blue Heron Shore Bird Decoy
Great Blue Heron.
20 in tall. $108
Pelican Shore Bird Decoy

A BIG 14 inches tall

Red Knot Shore Bird Decoy
Red Knot- alert
7 1/4 inches tall X 9 wide
Red Knot Shore Bird Decoy
Red Knot- feeder
6 3/4 inches tall X 9 wide
A while back I was contacted by Nancy Carol Willis, author and illustrator of Birdsong Books- natural science books for children. She had just finished a new book named "Red Knot: A Shorebird's Incredible Journey" and wanted to know if I could do a craving of a red Knot. How could I refuse! Be sure to look at her wonderful books at Birdsong Books . A pair of my red knots and a copy of her book (purchased from her) would make a great gift. The Red Knots are priced at $56 each or $105 for a pair.

*Many of these birds are my own design inspired by antique decoys. These antique decoys were meant to just "look like a bird". Because of that the colors of these birds could be altered without hurting their integrity. In other words if you wanted the "Rocker" painted the colors of the "Lesser Yellowlegs" that would be fine with me. Just let me know.

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